Incontinence Rehabilitation 



Introducing the most integrated At-Home fitness therapy program. It’s a therapeutic fitness program using rehabilitative exercise and custom made tools to address your issues. It’s simple yet packed with relevant information to help you on your journey to happy living.
Just ten minutes a day, five days a week! 



Three step process to take you from pain to recovery.


Three Simple Steps: 

Step One: Information is power.
Meet Dr. Stephen Andriese

Learn anatomically why you’re suffering from pain. Dr. Andriese will spend a few minutes describing the anatomical elements that expressly effect your problem.


Step Two: A Convenient At-home visit with a physical therapist.
Meet physical therapist, Johanna Schmidt.

Johanna will take you through 4 different sessions. Just as you would in a normal therapy visit, she will take you through a progressive therapy program. Showing you the exercise and explaining why this will help you recover. 

Step Three: An Effective At-home 10 minute fitness program.
Meet fitness expert Megan Madion.

Based on Dr. Andriese and Johanna Schmidts therapy recommendations, Megan has extrapolated those exercises and crafted a fitness program for you.


Modus Kit with body alignment tools.



Packed with Body Alignment Tools:

The Modus kit includes tools to insure that when doing the program at home (without the presence of your physical therapist, trainer or doctor) you’re in a safe position while moving, strengthening and stretching.

The kit Includes:

  1. Alignment wedge – patented body alignment tool Aligns the body in a safe, proper position for movement 

  2. Balance Pad – Improves balance and strengthens core muscles

  3. Stretching Strap – Improves range of motion, strength and flexibility

  4. Stabilizing Ball – Helps stabilize form and posture

  5. Convenient Carry Tote


Modus Fitness Therapy Progressive Methodology will take you through Four Milestones within your timeframe:


Safety is our priority and recovery is our mission. Like how a baby progresses from lying on its back to standing, Modus Fitness Therapy takes you through the same process to insure you slowly build technique that increases movement and intensity as you make your WAY through the program.

An Incremental Build that increases movement and intensity.
Video 1 - Lying on your back
Video 2 - Seated position
Video 3 - All fours position
Video 4 - Standing position


  • Education–Understand the relevant anatomy and what causes pain. Giving you “preview” as to why certain exercises are used to have the biggest impact on your goals.

  • Therapeutic Exercise Instruction–Therapeutic exercises that apply to your problem, done with proper form as you move through a 4 step progression.

  • Fitness, Endurance and Performance Programs–Up-tempo practice of your therapeutic exercise building endurance in therapeutic ways is where the real power of this program cones through. 



The overall commitment is for 8 weeks, 5 days a week and
only 10 minutes daily! 


Four Therapeutic Recovery Videos.
We recommend you spend 5 days (just 10 minutes a day) with each session of your four therapeutic recovery videos.


You’ll discover that while you’re finding your muscles, you’ll start to feel, strengthen, stretch and then ultimately ACTIVATE your muscles.


Four Fitness-Therapy, Exercise Videos

We recommend you spend 5 days (just 10 minutes a day) with each session of your four exercise videos.


With exercise you will start to recover and then strengthen and ultimately become fit!


As you move through each program, you’ll notice they become more challenging. The good news is you decide when you’re ready to move on. You can move through these slower than we recommend OR faster. This is your therapy so YOU get to make the decision as you move through the overall program! 

Join us today! An At Home Program to fix your pelvic floor issues including incontinence. No more embarrassing moments! 

It’s a therapeutic fitness program using rehabilitative exercise and tools to address your incontinence. These therapy videos address pelvic floor dysfunction. The exercises are designed for both men and women who suffer from symptoms associated with pelvic floor disfunction and incontinence.


Pre and postpartum, aging and weakness are very common among women. We neglect very simple stretching and strengthening exercise to avoid incontinence. Modus Fitness Therapy rehabilitative fitness videos will strengthen the pelvic floor.