Three Levels of Modus...

For Every Body

We understand that not every body has the same needs. We believe in the Modus method so much that we’ve tailored it to three levels, depending on how you’re feeling on any particular day.

Modus Flex

Modus Flex is slowed-down version of our original Modus class. In Flex, students enjoy more stretching, gentler versions of our floor and barre work, plus time at the end for deeper stretches to soothing music. Flex is a great way to begin your Modus journey or even deepen the strength and flexibility you’ve already got. Whether beginner or advanced, we know you will love our Flex class at Modus

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Modus (M45)

Modus is our signature class that dives deep into every single muscle you have, and some you didn’t know you had! Using fast-paced, fun music, we use challenging movements to strengthen you from the inside out. You begin slowly on the floor and from there you never stop moving, before you know it, your 60 minutes is over! In just two Modus sessions a week, committed students rave about their sculpted arms, abs and thighs, improved cardio, and so much more.

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Modus Intense Cardio (MIC)

Modus Intense Cardio. It’s the HIIT version of Modus45. Thirty minutes of full body including more cardio punches to increase your heat rate. It’s fast and furious and over before you know it!

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