You’re an Online Modus45 Member!
Now what?

With your purchase of the Modus Barre in a Bag Kit, you’ve gained access to our exclusive online membership! This allows you access to our full prerecorded on-demand video classes!


Outlined below are the steps to get you started!


  1. Create an Account with MindBody:
    If you already have an account, please double check your email and contact information is up to date.

  2. Create an Account on the Modus45 Website

    • Go to

    • In the top right corner you’ll see a Log In button- click it.

    • - Mobile Device: The Log In button is in the Menu - (the three horizontal lines)

    • You'll be taken to the Sign Up page

    • Here you’ll have 3 options: Sign up with Facebook, Google, or Email

    • Follow the steps and you’ve successfully created an account!

    • **If you already have an account: Click the Log In button and you'll see "Already a member? Log In" , click "Log In"

    • ***If you've forgotten your password, follow the last step above, click whichever button (Facebook, Google, Email) you signed up with and on the next screen you'll find the "Forgot Password" button. Click that and follow the steps.

****Once you have created an account, there will be a waiting period before you can access the videos as our team needs to verify credentials and approve permissions****


How To View Videos on Website:

Now that you have an account created on you’ll be able to access the online videos! Make sure you’re logged in on and follow the steps below

  1. Go to

  2. Alternatively, use the menu on

    • Desktop: In the top navigation menu click Member Videos

    • You'll be taken to a page with all the videos, scroll down and load more to see all!

    • Mobile Device: Click Menu > Member Videos  

  3. To view all of the videos on Mobile

    • Below the "50 Ways To Use The Wedge" Video, you'll "All Videos"

    • Click the 3 vertical buttons on right side > click Visit Channel. *This takes a moment to load all the videos.

  4. You'll see all of our videos from full 60 minute classes to quick 5 minute workouts.


Zoom Classes:

With your membership you’ll have offerings for live Zoom classes. These are a small virtual group class where the instructor can see you and you can see her. She’ll take you through the class and give corrections and encouragement.


To sign up for Zoom Classes (currently offered on Tuesdays):

  1. Go to

  2. Click Zoom Schedule in the Navigation

  3. This will take you to the MindBody Site where you’ll see the schedule of classes

  4. Alternatively, instead of going to you can go right to the MindBody Site:

  5. Insure you’re logged in

  6. Click the class time you’d like and sign up!

  7. The Instructor will send you a special meeting link prior to class. This is what you’ll need to join the class

  8. If you don’t already, create an account with It’s free for you!


Facebook Live Videos

We’re offering live classes on our private FB Group: Modus45 - At Home


Follow the link and request to join and we’ll approve you!

These classes are live MWF @ 9:00am EST. We do keep the classes up for 12 hours so if you can’t make it live, you may watch later in the day! These classes are then transferred to our website where you can view them.


We hope you enjoy! Please reach out with any questions!